Richelieu Rock, Surin National Park

The Richelieu Rock is still one of the best dive sites in the world and is definitely the best dive site in Thailand. Whether with day trips on our own for diver-designed dive speed boat, or with multi-day dive safaris this dive site is a highlight for anyone who wants to explore the underwater world of Thailand. From beginners to experienced divers, the Richelieu Rock is the best choice for diving in Thailand.
Schools of barracudas, whales sharks, manta rays or seahorses, ghost pipe fish, frog fishes and all this in a stunning coral landscape will make your diver's heart beat faster. The Richelieu Rock belongs to the Surin National Park and is a dive site located in the open sea.

Recommended level: OW divers with at least 8 dives, last dive in the last 8 months
Difficulty level: easy to medium
Depths: 12-35 meters
Approach time: 1 hour 20 minutes

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